The New Moire (excerpt), 2007, single channel video

"Kiernan uses yet another antique computer program to harvest feedback from images and sound to then sequence the same images and sound.  While the sound fills the entire gallery, the video occupies a small room in the back of the gallery. His video/soundscape stars the artist as a cross between an experimental subject reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels and Alice’s Madhattter-on-the-run.  A tuning fork and a burning fuse steal the scenery; echos and incineration, the loop of longing and the animus of arson.  A moiré overlaps two patterns to create an optical illusion.  Like any decent tall tale, the move is away from the everyday lived experience of common sense.  The artist’s body shows up as a measure of the ground no matter how telescoped or labyrinthine.  If the precious worlds of tiny exist then so does the unruly worlds of giant....

...Hyperbole is being investigated in complex ways... A liar’s club feeds on mutation and scorns the purity of transmission that parades as communication.  The totalizing ideal of an “Information Age” claims to accumulate “pure” information and excise disinformation.  The lie is that its bread and butter comes from capitalizing on disinformation at every fork and at the end of every fuse and exhale."

- Stephanie Ellis,, May 2007