Horsetail Falls, 2018, 6min 29sec, digital video (excerpt)

A connection is drawn between a found photo of one "Horsetail Falls", and a much larger waterfall 3000 miles away which shares its namesake. The distant falls are known for glowing as if on fire under rare lighting conditions, in what has been described as a "firefall" or "gate to hell". Real-time feedback processes, magnifications and pans deconstruct the found photo, animating the image through a semiotics of decay. In a play on the words "Horse Tail Falls", an increasing "swarm of flies gathering around a horse's ass" multiply throughout the piece. All comes full circle by the end, when the video switcher wipe patterns combine with the internal feedback loop to create an image resembling a swarm of multicolored flies' wings, or maybe just a stack of overlapping photos tossed on tabletop.