Horsetail Falls, 2018, 6min 29sec, digital video (excerpt)

Performed by hand-mixing feedback loops and wipe effects on a video mixer in real-time, Horse Tail Falls deconstructs a found photograph of an idyllic Catskills waterfall by drawing a connection to an unrelated falls 3000 miles away which shares its namesake. This other “Horsetail Falls” is known as the “firefall” for the way in which it glows a bright, fiery red under rare lighting conditions. 

As the video progresses; scans, zooms and pans pair with a crescendoing sound sample of “flies on a horse’s ass” to reveal latent details within the photograph. 

By the end all comes full circle, as wipe patterns create the illusion of a swarm multicolored flies' wings to overtake the frame. Or perhaps these wings are just overlapping corners in a stack of photos tossed onto a tabletop…