CMIKB, 3 duratrans prints, 2010

Commissioned project for Mixed Greens, NYC

From Mixed Greens press release:

"In an exploration of Klein and his famous shade of blue, termed International Klein Blue (IKB), Kiernan discovered that the color is impossible to reproduce digitally. However, the internet provided a wealth of approximations and as a result, Kiernan set out to create IKB in CMYK. He estimated what percentage cyan, magenta, yellow, and black actually make up IKB. The result is the three identical images that comprise the window installation— one printed only in cyan, one in magenta, and the other in yellow (there is no black in IKB). Each print uses only the percentage of pigment that IKB would use. In addition to separating out Klein’s iconic color, Kiernan removed Klein from the photograph altogether. 

Subsequently, Leap into the Void becomes entirely about the void. The impression of freedom and abandon, however contrived, from the original photo is gone, leaving only the very calculated, intentional breakdown of color and form. Kiernan presents us with a new, digital void to ponder from our very own second floor windows."

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