CG CAT (2009), Two 14 min digital video loops. Single channel excerpt above

A computer speech synthesis program is fed the letters naming the base pairs in the first chromosome of a human DNA sample (A,T,C,G). However, the computer chooses to pronounce the letters phonetically as if they were words instead of reciting them as independent letters or code This creates a 14 minute long chant to incant the name of DNA.

The video consists of four images from American Sign Language hand gestures for the letters A,T,C, and G appearing as they occur in the audio. This is to relate the four letters to the four basic digits on the hand. The hand is of the human body and is the building block for counting and computation. The hand is often seen as being distant from the computer or the "conceptual" in art, making this digital representation of a hand as a stand-in for speech even more convoluted, and (for better or worse) ironic. In this case, at this frenetic speed it also performs a certain "sleight of hand".

The video is displayed in two channels and arranged to form a double helix structure when projected. The clip above is a simulation for single channel.